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Feng Shui for the Home


The Chinese often trace success or failure to the forces of nature known as Feng Shui. 

These are held to be responsible for all areas of life; from relationships and health to good fortune. Your house reflects your life, and vice versa.

Simply by changing the way your house is decorated or the layout of the building you can change the energies within it, and therefore the energies that affect you.

If your life seems to be stuck in certain areas, such as relationships, career or abundance, then you may be encountering an energetic blockage that could be helped through Feng Shui. 

Once this is done the other part of the equation is taking the right actions to achieve what you want. This is where coaching is so powerful. 

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Feng Shui for Business


Feng Shui has been part of the culture In many parts of Asia for thousands of years; and nowadays most of the forward-thinking organisations in the West  (e.g. Intel, Nike and Coca Cola) take advice from experts to help them reap the benefits of good Feng Shui. 

Consultants are used to help them determine the best locations, design their architecture and interiors, and make internal and external changes necessary to ensure the energy flows well and is in harmony with its surroundings. The companies benefit from increased revenue and  happier and healthier and more motivated staff.

Feng shui can help organisations create harmonious working conditions, enhance productivity and success. 

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Getting your environment right is crucial to well-being and success. However It is only a part of the picture.  The rest of the power comes directly from you: your thinking and actions.

Coaching is a dynamic process that supports you to move towards the life that you really want. 

Coaching and feng shui used together are a powerful tool. You will gain greater insight into what you need to changes; both within and without. Throughout the process you will  be given the support you need to make the changes happen.

Typical coaching topics: Relationships,

 Career progression or change, 

Work-life balance




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