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Helen Lickerish

Helen is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Coach, Therapist and Reiki Master. She runs a Feng Shui & Personal Consultancy business in Dorset and is Co-Director of a Personal Consultancy business in London.  Having previously run a succsessfull interior design consultancy for a number of years, she is able to perform feng shui in a way that blends the practical and aesthetic. Her ability to pick up on the energy of the environment and the client gives her a unique ability to understand what her clients need. She blends a host of elements, mixing the spiritual and practical to offer her clients a way to reach their potential.

Having an awareness that the home reflects the occupant and vice-versa, Helen works closely with clients to discover their real needs and desires using intuition as well as conventional knowledge and experience. Once she has advised on the Feng Shui to help maximise energy flow and promote a state of harmony within the building Helen then incorporates coaching. This helps to help support them make the changes they need to internally, as well as through their actions, and so reach their desired state of living.


What is Helen's qualification and experience?

Helen has a degree in Biology/Geography (BSc Hons) with a special interest in ecology and understanding how life forces impact on our well-being. Beginning her  career working with teenage girls in Care back in the mid 1980's she then spent 15 years working with adults suffering from mental health problems. Through this experience she gained important insight into how much a person's immediate environment affects their well-being and ensured that the homes she managed were well designed and decorated. She also implemented the use of therapies for the benefit of the tenants and residents, understanding that health also comes from the inside out.  Helen went on to study and  qualify in Interior Design and Feng Shui and proceeded to set up her own successful business. To date her work has included homes,  businesses, restaurants and complimentary health clinics. 

Fifteen years ago Helen came across the 'hands on' healing of Reiki and spent many years training to become a Master, and uses it daily in her own life. 

Her aim was to ensure that clients would not only love their home or business, but would also benefit in terms of their well-being and success. This led her to deepen her Feng Shui training and qualifying as a Practitioner with the Feng Shui Academy the Feng Shui Agency. 

Wanting to deepen her understanding of what makes us who we are she continued to study and gained Diplomas in in counselling, coaching, trauma therapy and a specialist trauma therapy called EMDR.  She set up a private practice in Dorset and then a limited company based in London in early 2018 to help others using these skills. www.blackwoodconsultants.co.uk 

She now offers these together with Feng Shui to deepen her clients'  abilities to get the best out of themselves and their environments.

Helen is a consultant member of the Feng Shui Society



Where is Helen based?

Helen lives in a beautiful part of north Dorset and works in the South West and also from her London office. 

Although the most part of her Feng Shui work is done in person at the property, and so requires travelling, she does  much of her coaching and counselling work via Sykpe so that she can reach more people wanting help.

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