Full Feng Shui Analysis- Homes

A full consultation will help you assess what you need to focus on and how to improve and harness the flow of helpful energy to gain the maximum benefit in your life. 


I will perform an analysis of the current flow of energy flowing through your home (and hence affecting each area of your life) and give you clear advice on what changes you could make to improve stuck, or detrimental energies, and how to harness beneficial ones. This will give you the knowledge to change your life  for the better; creating a more harmonious environment and the opportunities and benefits that brings.

Prices start from £480* for local visits (depending on size of property) * for a one-bedded flat.

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Life-Change Package

Feng Shui & Coaching

If you are serious about making positive changes in your life then this is the package for you:

Initially I will do a full feng shui consultation on your home; this will enable you to get the environment in the best possible shape to support you. It is important that you make the changes necessary to harness the helpful energies and mitigate the unhelpful ones.

You will then receive 6 regular one and a half hour coaching sessions: these are usually 1 month apart, but this is flexible according to  your needs. I will also be there for you at the end of the phone/email for 4 additional 30-minute sessions during this period, to help you through any blips or dilemas.

During this time you will be helped and supported to work towards your life goals. The drive and ideas will come from you, and the support and experience of helping you find your own best solutions and understanding comes from me.

Fee: £1450*

* (for up to a 3 bed property)

Fee will increase for a larger home. Prices on application.

Instalment schemes are available over 6 months

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Healthy Homes Check

Ensure you and your loved ones are in an environment that is good for their health.

Research shows how various electro-magnetic fields, (such as those used in Wifi, electricity pylons, microwaves, etc) can detrimentally affect health.  

This check includes detection & removal of any Geopathic Stress found,  PLUS detection and measuring any electro-magnetic fields (Emf) from any sources within the premises (e.g. from mobile phones, WiFi, DECT phones, masts and electrical equipment). Advice on how to avoid, reduce or eliminate any Emf's  

From £350 for a local site visit

(This service is highly recommended for Businesses as it can help to reduce sickness and loss of energy.)

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Full Feng Shui Analysis-Businesses

Feng Shui is used world-wide to get the leading edge on the competition. It will help you create a productive, healthy environment for your staff and achieve greater success in your business:

Benefits include: 

Increased staff health- reduced sickness

Increased Creativity

Higher Productivity

Better staff communications

Improved Business-client relations

Higher Revenue

Increased Leadership

More effective PR

improved Staff morale 

More about Consultations

A bespoke package will be constructed. Costs will depend upon remit, size of premises, number of employees etc. 

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Geopathic Stress detection & removal

Make sure you are living and working in a safe environment. 

Geopathic stress can seriously affect our health and well-being. It has been shown to be linked with debilitating illnesses, such as ME and cancer,  and can disturbed sleep.  

I will check to determine whether there is any Geopathic Stress running through your home or business and if so, will remove it if at all possible. When this isn't an option (which is rare) I will advise you as to how to minimise its effects.  

From £250 for a local site visit.

This service is also available remotely for places some distance away if plans can be sent.

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“Everybody should have a Coach” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt

The definition of a Coach is “someone whose job is to teach and help improve at something”. Every successful person in Sports, Politics, Business, Entertainment, Religion and Life have or had coaches. If you want to take your success seriously then join them in seeking the support of a professional who will help you get the best out of yourself.

A package of 6 one hour and a half hour sessions, usually taken monthly via Skype.


4 x one hour sessions 


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9 Star Ki Astrology

Discover your true personality and relationship compatibility.
Find out  your inner, outer & emotional nature (or those of your partner), and see which personality types you have a good compatibility rating with.

Cost: £40/person

Discover when the stars will favour an important event.

 Your personal ausipicious times are linked to the blueprint that was set when you were born. The energies that you receive from the heavens now and at any given time in the future fit in with your own particular cycle and subtly affect what is happening to you.To know what these are gives you the ability to arrange for important events to be at times that are most powerful for you.-e.g. gettting married, moving home, setting up a new venture etc. and give you the best chance of success and happiness.

Cost: £40/person

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Favourable Personal Directions

Just as we have foods that suit us better- energising us or making us sluggish, we also each respond differently to different qualities of energy. These energies vary according to the compass directions they are coming from.

Make sure you are getting the best quality of sleep and work that you can by knowing your favourable directions. where you . 

You will have certain directions that help you in your aims, and others that are not so beneficial; for example you will get better sleep if you are facing one of your "good" directions, and think more clearly if your desk is facing in a particular direction suited to you. I will give you your four auspicious and four inauspicious directions and tell you what each one will help or hinder.  

Cost: £40 per person

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Space Clearing

Make your house feel fresh, vital and healthy with a space clearing ritual.

Houses can collect old, bad & unpleasant energies. These can be from previous occupants & events that happened there such as illness, arguments, bad feelings, divorce, battles etc.
These energies sometimes get "stuck" within buildings and affect the peope living or working there now. They prevent the free-flow of healthy, positive energy and can begin to subtly re-create past events. For example a house in which the previous ocupant had a failed business  can strangely recreate the patterns so that the current occupants also struggle with their business.
Clearing this old pattern of energy allows fresh new "life energy" in so that new patterns of success can be created and the space revitalised.

£320 *  

* for a local 3-bed house

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