Consultation details

What you need to provide


Initially you will be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire giving details such as your date of birth, when you moved into your home.

You will also need to complete a questionnaire giving details of why you would like the consultation and what you hope to achieve.

You will need to provide a to-scale plan of each floor of your houser business so that an accurate placement of the bagua can be made and the appropriate feng shui systems used. 

The consultation will take a few hours,  depending partially upon the size of the house. (Businesses may take considerably longer depending upon remit and size.)

What you will receive


A full  verbal feedback session at the end of the consultation, to ensure that you understand what advice is being given. 


Floor plans showing where each of the life areas of the bagua falls within the building.

A comprehensive list of recommended cures and enhancements

The Best Directions for sleeping and /or working in for you and family members.

 (Within businesses this will be for your most influential staff).

Geopathic stress detection & removal  if present via Earth acupuncture. 

Advice on electromagnetic fields (EMF) including microwave detection.

An assessment of whether there is any predecessor/unhelpful chi that needs clearing (space clearing can be provided on a separate visit). 

For homes a full report can be sent on to you for you reference for an additional £40 if required.

For businesses this will be included in the fee.

A free follow-up service after 1-3 months by phone 

What you need to do


Initially it is usual that we will have talked (probably on the phone) before booking the visit, so I will have some idea of why you want a consultation. However, for a successful consultation I will need to speak to you in some depth immediately prior to the feng  shui analysis and this usually takes around an hour. 

then you will need to walk around the building with me both inside and out, and then you will be free to go about your own business whilst I spend a few hours conducting the analysis. Towards the end of the consultation I will give you feedback about what is energetically helping and hindering you and recommendations as to how you can change things for your benefit. 

For a home report you may prefer to simply take notes as we go around the house discussing this. However, you are welcome to ask me for a written report (£40) if you would rather. 

Frequently asked questions


How effective is feng shui?

I would love to give a simple succinct answer, but the truth is it depends:

Health, well-being and success are reliant on several factors combined. Feng Shui is a part of this picture. If the energies with your business or home are out of harmony then there wll be detrimental affects. By carefully applying the cures I suggest you should see and feel improvements. It can sometimes take up to three months to accumulate to it's full benefit, but usually improvements are seen within a few days and often immediately. 

The other way you can increase your health and success is by carefully evaluating your thinking and actions, and making positive changes where necessary.  

Coaching can help support you to do that -a qualified coach with a fresh pair of eyes, ears and mind can be immensely beneficial as we all can become blind to ourselves after a while.

Where do you work?


I live in Dorset and regularly work in the south west, London and the home counties. I also consult in other parts of the country although there may be travel and overnight costs involved.

Apart from the feng shui analysis itself, much of the rest of the work, and the coaching, is often done via Skype so I can work with you wherever you are in the world.

What do the fees include and how do I pay you?


My  fee is always fully inclusive of my preparation work, traveling and the site visit work, plus free phone or email support afterwards relating to the consultation, a progress review after three months.

Payment is accepted via BACS, cash and cheques (although these won't be around much longer). 

A 50% deposit is required to secure the consultation and payment is then completed on the day.

For businesses invoices are sent with 30 day terms.