Gardens and Sacred Space

Rejuvenating spaces

Gardens are our havens and can be places of spiritual uplift. Even the smallest space can be turned into a place of beauty and interest.  Through careful and considered landscape design, horticultural knowledge and the principles of Feng Shui it is possible to bring about energetic and aesthetic qualities that benefit us.

Gardens create a link between the inner lives we experience in our homes and the outdoor world. Well-chosen plants, ornaments and architectural features in the right spatial arrangement will help create a garden that allows its full potential to be revealed and suits your particular needs.  This brings harmony to the land, and can boost your well-being, health and even success.

I  work in conjunction with a well-established and authoritative landscape architectural company who have an excellent reputation in building sensory and healing gardens.  The use of Feng Shui together with other schools of ancient knowledge enables me to re-align your garden to create a space imbued with beauty and natural life-giving forces.  

I can provide:

  • Full garden design with Feng Shui
  • Meditation gardens
  • Healing gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Energy balancing and enhancement
  • Zen Gardens

I will ensure that your garden is checked for Geopathic Stress. If this is found it will be removed and healed with earth acupuncture.

Sacred Rooms

As life seems to become more hectic people are realising the importance and benefits of having their own special space in which they can find peace and harmony. For some this is a dedicated meditation room or yoga studio, for others it maybe a separate space created within the main part of the house.

Regular time spent in well-balanced harmonious places is restorative and allows us to get back in touch with our true being and source. It can help put us back in touch with our intuition, sense of wonder and peace, and imbue us with our natural feelings of love for the earth and each other.  

I can help you design a room to  synthesise the restorative emotional, physical and spiritual powers of Feng Shui, dowsing and sacred geometry. Acknowledging the working together of ancient wisdom and 21st century context and culture, they also make full use of the emerging knowledge and practices of the cosmic tradition. 

Re-orient offers Sacred Design for:

  • Calm and creative living spaces
  • Relaxed and harmonious domestic environments
  • Meditation rooms,
  • Yoga studios,
  • Chill out rooms- for work and home

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Life can be fast and stressful. We all need somewhere special to go and relax; to re-energise ourselves and re-connect; both with ourselves and nature. The wisdom and power of feng shui knowledge enables me to  create wonderful life-enhancing areas, whether a garden or sacred space such as yoga and meditation rooms.

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