9 Star Ki

9 Star Ki is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world; originating in Ancient China and spreading to Japan. Its name is taken from the nine key stars that are considered to exert the most influence on us, (in much the same way that the sun and the moon are known to), including the well-known stars of Vega, Polaris and the Ursa Major constellation (commonly called the Great Bear).

At the time of a person's birth these stars are in a particular position and give out a particular energy. This acts as an imprint for your life affecting the way you interact and relate to other types of Chi, whether the chi is from a person, animal, or place. Once you know your 9 Star Ki numbers you can determine the most auspicious time to undertake major life changes. This is done by ensuring that the two energies (your own imprint and that of a specific time in the future) are at least compatible, and preferably auspicious. Using 9 Star Ki to calculate the right time for an important change can make all the difference between success and failure. In China it is commonly used to determine the best dates for all sorts of events such as getting married, holding a press conference, bidding for a new house and setting up new businesses. It is also considered very important when moving home as it is possible to assess the best time to make the move and also which are the most and least favourable directions. This aspect of Feng Shui is called directionology.

Each of these aspects of 9 Star Ki is available through a Consultation with me.

Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash

Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash

Relationship help

Nine star Ki can also be used to help understand a person's personality, how they relate to others and relationship compatibilities. 

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