Your life is represented in your home.


In Feng Shui life is considered to be divided into 8 areas. There is also a 9th central area which contains within it the energy of all the others.  

  1. Career/Life's Journey
  2. Relationships
  3. Elders/ancestry
  4. Good Fortune
  5. Tai Chi/ Well Being
  6. Helpful People
  7. Creativity
  8. Quiet Contemplation
  9. Illumination/Fame

The Bagua is the term used for the template which can be laid over house plans to determine which areas of the home relate to different aspects of your life.

It might be laid according to the influence of human Chi or by compass directions, depending on which forces are deemed to be more influential.

Cures and corrections can be made by analysing the elemental, yin and yang qualities and directional energies within any areas that need enhancing. The result will be an improvement in the amount and quality of beneficial chi flowing through the house allowing the person to come into harmony with their environment.

Other feng Shui schools use different systems including Flying star, which uses knowledge of some of the stars' influences and current positions to assess where various energies lie within a building. This analysis informs us how to rearrange the interior of the home to the best advantage of the occupants.

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