Heaven, earth and man's Chi

The Life Force

It is widely considered that in the past people were far more 'in tune' and aware of the life-force energy that flows through everything. As we know in the West important sites such as churches, stone circles etc. were built on particular points where strong lines of energy were to be found flowing through the earth. Nowadays it seems that sadly we are not so naturally conscious of these energies and our homes tend to be borne out of a host of practicalities such as land availability, and cost of materials and labour rather than because the land is well-sited, and the materials chosen are the best for us and our environment. Our homes and workplaces are where we tend to spend most of our time and as such have a large part to play in our well-being depending on how well they interact with us and natural forces. Chi flows through everything and can either be encouraged into our homes and workplaces or blocked and hindered, (this is sometimes the cause of people feeling 'stuck' in life). The amount of Chi flowing through our buildings will have a direct impact on our us, enabling or disabling us to live in harmony with our environment and benefit from the positive forces that are responsible for all areas of life; from health and relationships to wealth and creativity.

The Chinese consider that Chi comes in three forms:

Earth's Chi:

i.e. the energies that emanate from the land. Earth's Chi is analysed from the shape and form of the land. There are good positions to live in, and not so good. There are also the lines of energy running through the ground which can be good to spend time on aiding health and well-being and ones which are harmful. Such potentially harmful energy lines are known as Geopathic Stress; they sometimes run along lines of underground water and can usually be treated by earth acupuncture.

Heaven's Chi:

i.e. the energies radiating from the planets and stars. Whilst we can't control heaven's chi we can at least understand how it affects us and make decisions based upon that knowledge. Many of us already use some of this ancient knowledge in the form of western astrology, reading our daily /weekly horoscopes. In China this is taken very seriously and they use various forms of astrology including one based on the twelve animal years of the Chinese lunar calendar and the most ancient form known to man – 9 Star Ki.

Human Chi:

essentially this includes everything we produce; the shape and form of our buildings, the materials used and the electromagnetic forces caused by our appliances, eg. computers and microwaves. Naturally, we are able to have a little more control over this energy (at least in our own immediate environment). 

Harness the energy.

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