Geopathic Stress

What is Geopathic Stress?

It is known that whilst there are natural energies emanating from the earth that are beneficial to mankind, there are others that can cause discomfort, physical, mental and emotional discord and, if exposed for long enough periods, illness and disease. This is known as Geopathic Stress (GS) and usually runs in lines through the earth. Where a house is built on top of such a line the energies will run through the house. The harmful energy will travel vertically as well as horizontally regardless of any building materials in the way, in much the same way that certain electromagnetic energies are not inhibited by walls etc. This means that  a person sleeping in a bedroom directly above the line will also be prone to any harmful effects. The greater the amount of time spent in these 'fields' the higher the risk of illness occurring is. Much research has been undertaken concerning this phenomenon and it has been well documented that there is a wide range of symptoms thought to be caused by GS. These include: poor quality of sleep, anxiety, lethargy, headaches, depression, MS, ME, miscarriages and birth defects, allergies and cancers. Children are particularly vulnerable to some of these illnesses.

GS may be caused by natural factors such as underground streams, geological faults and cavities, or man-made such as railway cuttings, motorways & tunnels, building foundations, quarries, tree-felling, battlegrounds etc. – basically anywhere where there has been a lack of honouring the earth, or physical disruptions. Geopathic stress can be detected by dowsing- a method whereby the Practitioner uses rods or a pendulum to locate the energies. This is usually done on site but may also be done remotely. In most cases it is possible to remove the GS, either by earth acupuncture or by using various 'tools' which may be crystals, essences, symbols and talismans, fire, etc.

Dead and twisted trees can be indicators of GS, along with certain plants that love to grow on these lines such as ivy. Wasps and bees thrive on theses lines too, and cats like to sleep on them.

A full Feng Shui consultation checks for these energies and includes removal if any is found.

A Healthy Homes check soley concentrates on detection, advice, and removal of Geopathic Stress and Emf's.

There are also electronic devices available, such as Radi Tech, that whilst not actually removing the source are effective at neutralizing the harmful energies.

If you would like to read some research done on Geopathic stress there is much on the internet. Here are just a couple of examples:

1. One of the most extensive research projects was started by the Austrian, Kathe Bachler, in the 1970s.
She dowsed 3,000 apartments in 14 countries and interviewed 11,000 people. She concluded that 95% of the ‘problem’ children she investigated slept in beds or worked at desks that were placed at harmful sites. She also checked a sample of 500 cancer cases; everyone was found to be sleeping over harmful earth radiation. Her findings were published in Austria in 1978 in a best selling book, that has since been published in Britain with the appropriate title ‘Earth Radiation’.

2. Dr. Hartmann M.D
Dr. Hartmann M.D. researched the effects of earth rays on humans for over thirty years, and his experiences led him to produce a six hundred page report [‘Krankheit als Standort-problem,' Heidelburg: K.F.Haug-Verlag] stating that disease was a problem of location.  He found that one of the first things to be adversely effected was the immune system, and as a result of this, individuals placed above an area of geopathic disturbance soon lost the ability to defend themselves against harmful bacteria that previously they were able to withstand. There was also a clear link with cancer in people that slept or worked above a Hartmann crossing point for lengthy periods of time. Dr. Hartmann stated that in 30 yeas of practice, he has not come across a patient with cancer or otherwise seriously ill - with the exception of disease caused by bacteria or virus infections - who has not slept or stayed for long periods in geopathically stressed places.

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Gustav Freiherr von Pohl. 

In 1929 this highly respected German researcher mapped danger areas in houses in Vilsburg, South Germany, which were then investigated by the German Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin.  

After checking the local hospital records it was found that all 54 patients who had died of cancer, since records had been kept, had slept in beds above points marked on von Pohl’s map of earth energy concentrations. Further research, carried out by von Pohl and other doctors, added asthma, depression, rheumatism, arthritis, MS, heart problems and a host of other disorders to the list of illnesses that harmful earth radiation seemed to help initiate or exacerbate.

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