Yin & Yang

Opposite energies interact

Most people have heard of the terms yin and yang and yet they are still sometimes misunderstood. They describe two natural forces that occur within nature to form the whole. Together they bring about balance. Although they may be seen as opposing, one cannot occur without the other and both are necessary. These terms can be used to describe physical things (eg. the landscape or a food) as well as non-physical things (eg. a sport or emotion). Everything seeks a state of balance, whilst also being in a state of continual change. One extreme attracts the other so if someone is being very yang (an outward active energy) – perhaps overworking & very physically active, then they will sooner or later attract periods of yin which are more restful and tranquil. It may well be that if this isn't consciously sought it may be enforced through illness. Something can never be either wholly yin or wholly yang, but will be ,perhaps, more one than another.

The qualities of each energy

Yin can be seen as dark, passive, female, soft, slow, cold & cooler calmer, darker colours etc, whilst yang can be seen as light, active, male, hard, fast, hot, active brighter colours, etc.   

An example of a more yin object would be a soft blue rug.   

An example of a more yang object would be an orange glass ornament.   

The seasons, moon phases and even the times of the day are more yin (winter, new moon and midnight) or more yang (summer, full moon and midday).   

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How to use Yin & Yang energies


Assessing a person and their environment (work or home) can show where they are out of balance and this can then be redressed.    

Getting a healthy balance that will enhance well being and success is achieved through a comprehensive  feng shui analysis.